Breathing in some dusty air

A new construction site has popped up down the street from my house, and it is causing a great deal of problems. The loud machinery starts to rumble very early every day, and then the construction workers come in and my sleep is disrupted.  I know it’s best to begin construction work as soon as possible.  Less people are milling around, but those who are still sleeping and have a later rising time, find it to be very unpleasant to hear. Because of the nature of the job and machinery involved, some of the area have been blocked off, so now it is necessary to take an alternate route that is longer.  Neither work nor shopping are now convenient.  The worst part of it is the lowered air quality. The fumes from the machinery plus the disturbance of dirt and dust emitted into the air;  the nearby localities find the air to be practically non-breathable. Stepping outside and take a deep breath no longer clears the brain but brings on a fit of coughing.  My indoor air quality has been affected by the construction work. The pollutants and particles of dirt from outside have found their way into my home air; making it harder to breathe thanks to the poor quality.  I can’t handle this. I am being forced to invest in an air purification system. My new air purifiers have helped to cut down on the amount of filth in my air. This makes it easier to breathe inside, but the outdoor air still has diminished air quality with no sign of improvement while the construction is underway.  I will dance in the streets when they finish.