HVAC system repair

Totally spent, I ignite the stove the instant I walk through the doorstep. What a long day it had been, and while I wait for the kettle to go off, I take off some layers, slip into my furry slippers, and draw the recliner closer to the stove. With one click the gas stove flames ignite and my body is flooded with warmth.

As a child we possessed a wood burning stove we used as leading heat source, cute and old fashion sure, but the upkeep was hard work. I think of that one winter the elements came early but the wood hadn’t been stacked. Covered beneath several feet of snow and ice our winter was looking sad. We came to fully depend on our furnace. New to the spotlight it was as if our previously unappreciated heating system was enjoying the attention. It wound up being simple, minimal effort, with a twist of the dial our radiators spread its heat into the far corners of our cabin the wood stove never reached. However, our veteran house came with an ancient heating system and when it reached it’s limit, it would heat no more. We contacted our local HVAC providers, they dispatched a couple of technicians who understood the meaning of prompt furnace repairs especially when faced with bitter temperatures. With fast and speedy service our furnace was returned to working order and we made it warmly through the winter.

The whistling kettle brings me back to my fire. I have fond memories of that winter with no wood, it was a winter wonderland without the hauling and stacking and splinters of wood. It was a way of life I was sold on.

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