I love this place

Within five years, I am hoping to have finally saved enough money to begin to build my forever dream house. It was 3 years ago when I purchased the most perfect stretch of serene land for my new home. It is situated way up on a hill away from life’s busyness, surrounded by forever woods and quiet, offering an amazing view of a small friendly lake. I am not one for needing an awfully large house or any extravagant features. I just want to remain comfortable and at peace in my house. My first decision was to install a geothermal HVAC system, a sizeable investment indeed. I have already gotten an estimate from a HVAC contractor, and the most expensive perhaps of the project is the intricate underground loop system. He will need to go down and dig deep into the property in order to install a series of pipes that will  allow me to keep from paying for this free energy source underground. This loop system will draw with the relatively stable temperatures underground and bring up to an electric heat pump, located inside. This system will provide either heating and cooling capacity, solving my anytime temperature needs. While I will spend a small fortune getting the geothermal HVAC system setup, it will cost very little to own. The Environmental Protection Agency views a geothermal heat pump as the most energy efficient means of temperature control available. I can expect to keep my house perfectly comfortable for around a dollar a day and the long term benefits are priceless. The underground loop system should last around fifty years I am told, along with the indoor heat pump should last around twenty years. I can also take benefit from tax credits because of installing this kind of environmentally friendly HVAC system. All in all a great deal!

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