Securing my duct system

The air quality in my home gives me great concern. For a while, I have suffered from asthma in addition to severe allergies, always sneezing, coughing, and having a difficult time breathing. I do everything in my power to keep my house as clean possible. My vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter and I usually vacuum my entire house one day a week. To successfully wash the hardwood and tile flooring in my home, I had to remove all of the rugs. To dust, I use a damp cloth when cleaning to rid airborne contaminants. Day by day, I wash my coverings in steaming hot water and place them onto my mattress and pillows to kill dust mites from getting inside. I keep my windows shut to counteract dust, pollen, and exhaust fumes from getting yourself into the house. I have today’s HVAC system to not only control temperature anytime, but to filter the indoor air. Replacing the air filter within the heating and cooling unit every month keeps away contaminants from getting inside my home or infiltrating the inner ins and outs of my HVAC equipment. Each Autumn, I schedule a professional appointment for my furnace to be checked, and the same for the air conditioner once spring arrives. The HVAC technician cleans all of the unit’s major components and also performs buildup removal which might pollute indoor air quality and block ventilation. About every five years, I hire my HVAC contractor to unclutter and seal the duct system. Dust, pollen, bugs, webs, mold, and even dead rodents are just a few of the things can be concealed inside the duct system. The thing is, heated and cooled air flows over the duct system multiple times everyday, so it’s really important to be sure the ducts are always clean. Any leaks or holes within the duct system wastes energy, in addition it allows polluted exterior air to be carried inside.

duct sealing