Some tips for your temperature control

After a long couple months, I was finally able to take time off that lined up with my best friend’s vacation schedule. It had been almost 10 years since we last saw each other face-to-face. Consequently, we decided that a road trip would be our best shot to catch up on our lives during our 4-week trip. Proud of my new car, I offered to chauffeur. So, once my former partner-in-crime confirmed our reservations had been made, I shot down the highway and picked her up on the way to our vacation destination.


While we were on the road, it hit me: I forgot to disconnect my A/C before leaving! Realizing this, I felt my blood approach near-boiling temperature–like that of the outdoors. The HVAC unit I had back home was an older version that was costing me far too much every month, especially during the summer. Frustrated, I pulled over so my friend could drive while I took care of some unforeseen business. Once we swapped, I was able to obtain my next-door neighbors’ number, confident I’d be able to get them to shut off my thermostat since they had my extra key. Ring, ring, ring… Of course, no answer. (Even their voice mailbox was full, so I couldn’t leave a message.) Following, I quickly flipped through my smart phone and decided to make a last-ditch effort. As with my neighbors, however, my attempt to reach my electric company was to no avail. Clearly, this would’ve been a great time to have that phone app they said they would start offering customers soon.