These conditions are interesting

My best friend and I shared a small apartment after graduation.  It was terribly old fashioned, but the rent was perfect.. We weren’t happy about the hot water because there was only enough  for one shower each morning.  The kitchen sink wouldn’t drain, the toilet had a leaky tank, and there wasn’t a closet light.  We were thankful that our landlord had the forethought to install a modern HVAC system.  The heating and cooling system run extremely well and are energy efficient. They ran with little noise, and kept our little apartment quite comfortable. Because my girlfriend and I had to pay all of the monthly utility bills, we made a concerted effort to keep the thermostat at a very low temperature. There was also a washer and dryer installed in our apartment. It was about the size of the closet and my girlfriend and I spent every Friday night washing, drying, and folding the immense piles of laundry that we accumulated each week.  It wasn’t an awful Friday night, but it wasn’t fun either.  However, it left, but it left our Saturdays and Sundays free to party. It may have been fun if there had been some air vents in the laundry room.  The dryer actually helped to heat the apartment in the winter, but when summer came, we left the door open so the heat and humidity could go out into the mainstream.  Our air conditioner ran a little harder, and it cost more in electric bill, but it helped to alleviate some of the bad air in the laundry room.

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