This summer is getting pretty warm

My husband accepted a new job that had me packing up my house and flying halfway across the country.  After talking it over, he took the job knowing it would be a significant decrease in pay.  It was also in his chosen profession and was promising quick upward potential.  When he excitedly flew to his new job, I took over the moving, not realizing the ultimate cost.  I left most of our furniture behind, but still needed a rental truck and a tow bar for our personal belongings and the car.  We hadn’t yet sold our house, so we were forced to continue the mortgage payments along with the apartment lease until a buyer was found.  He rented a one bedroom plus one room until we could get our new home.  We were both ready hate living in that place, but we relaxed and began to enjoy it. It was is so modest that I easily cleaned the those two room in under an hour. We were located within walking distance of nearly everything we needed, and the cost of the utilities on the apartment made our cramped budget less uncomfortable.. The apartment has it’s own HVAC system that is truly energy efficient. I can set my thermostat to a temperature where we are always comfortable, and never worry about the price of energy bills. The air conditioner would run for about twenty minutes, and the whole apartment felt like spring, and that was with high temperatures and ninety percent humidity.  When winter came, I ran the furnace for a short time when I got home from work and it was toasty warm when my husband got home. My utility bills have never been so low, and we are quite comfortable.

home comfort