We are happy about these temperatures

My siblings and I try to get together every couple of weeks for lunch. Our oldest sister, Marie, is a phenomenal cook and loves to create delicious meals for us. During the winter months, I love being at her house and enjoying all of her homemade bread, soup, and incredible desserts. In the summer, however, even her skills in the kitchen isn’t enough to overcome the lack of air conditioning. Her house is always really overheated and humid, because the oven is always running. Though we open windows and run the fans, it just doesn’t do much. Certainly not what a good central air conditioning system would. She often sets up our meals out on her patio. This is even worse. The sun burns us, flies land all over the table and the mosquitoes eat us alive. During this time of year, having lunch at sister Emily’s house is much preferred. Emily is not a cook at all. She will usually serve us sandwiches and store bought dessert, but her house is wonderfully cool. She is lucky enough to have a state-of-the-art HVAC system. Her house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not only does her system have a variable-speed furnace and air conditioner along with zone control, it also boasts a pretty awesome smart thermostat. She can access it from her smartphone and often does, even when we’re sitting right next to it! She can get obnoxious with it, but we’ll put up with both that and her awful lunches just to be able to sit in comfort. I’ve learned that when it’s my turn to serve lunch, I order out for pizza or wings so that I don’t have to run my air conditioning system to compensate for the heat from the oven. My system is outdated, though not as bad as Marie’s. I find a way to manage with it.

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