This winter has been brisk to say the least

Where I live, there are dire Winter seasons. We get many feet of snow and suffer from a lot of Winter season storms. I live in an older farm house which is good other than the fact that the Winter seasons are cold and drafty. We have terrible insulation since the house is so outdated and, in our room especially, I know the crisp breeze seep in through our walls. I have asked our father many times to fix the insulation concerns. He explained how it would save him a ton on energy costs.But he is too stubborn. He thinks that our modern heating unit is enough to maintain the heat in our house during the Winter season. He doesn’t realize how much of that heat is being wasted from the terrible insulation. We have a boiler unit that the people I was with use to heat the  house Other houses have a central heating unit that seems to push more heated air into the environment. We get our Heating and Air Conditioning system cleaned and inspected in the beginning of every Winter season. Regardless of how well the people I was with maintain it, it does not make up for the lack of heat throughout the Winter season. We have taken many smaller steps to help keep the heat inside. For example, the people I was with all have insulated curtains for our rooms. The people I was with kneel towels in front of the doors to make sure the draft doesn’t disrupt the heating system. But it never fails in keep our oil furnace running all day and night long. If only our father would listen, the people I was with could find a better heating unit that suites our house and saves us some money.

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