Doing some HVAC service

Are you currently a college graduate? Just about everyone I know is a college graduate. I just saw statistics that only 40% of school seniors go on to university, and it shocked me. Properly, my daughter was expected to go to college, and she did. The truth is, she attended my alma mater, and she lived in the same dorm that I enjoyed. It made me a very proud parent, but she was a little less excited about it, mostly because the dorm didn’t even have air conditioning! There was no a/c way back when I was a student there, and there still was no air conditioning two decades later! Fortunately for my little princess, I have a generous nature. I wanted air conditioning for her because I recall how annoying it was when I was young. I had to try to dress up with no air conditioning. I remember how no a/c had my makeup running down my face. Sometimes I went to the library bathroom (which had a/c to keep the books preserved) to apply my makeup before I would go on a date! How ludicrous! Anyway, I met with one of many men from the school foundation office and asked merely to donate money specifically for air conditioning inside of the dorms. Of course, he fell all over himself. That’s what they undertake. They try to get capital. Whether you designate it to get textbooks or air conditioners, they care not. So, I wrote a giant check, and before the conclusion of the semester, there was an HVAC company van parked beyond the dorm and several HVAC company technicians began the installation process. To avoid ductwork, the school deemed they would get ductless mini split air conditioners for each dorm room. Mission accomplished!

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