I feel horrible

My lovely wife, Ruth, and I both have difficult jobs, and our lives are hectic. We rarely get the ability to spend any free moments together. Ruth and I made a decision to take the long weekend and go away somewhere. Since we live within the city, we headed out to a bed and breakfast out in the country. The place had gotten excellent reviews online, and we were anxious to have some peace, quiet and clean air. Ruth and I arrived within the bed and breakfast on a hot evening, and were happy to see a beautiful house with roomy lawns and gardens. Within the house was nicely decorated and absolutely clean, and we expected to enjoy a very comfortable weekend. Once we were finally checked into our room, we started to run straight into problems. We immediately realized that we did not have our own bathroom, but would be sharing with six other people. Plus, there was very little hot water available for us, and we ended up taking a lot of cold showers. The mattress in the bed was very lumpy, the pillows were too thin, and the sheets were quite scratchy. The absolute worst problem was with temperature control. Since we took our vacation part way through July, the outside temperature was way up in the upper nineties and there seems to be no air conditioning at this particular bed and breakfast. The house was too old to have any type of ductwork. The owners refused to keep portable air conditioners because of aesthetics and potential overload on the electrical system. There was a very old radiator in our room for heating purposes, and despite it being the summer season, there was always a tiny amount of heat leaking from that radiator.

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