I have many outfits

Once every 6 months or so, I go for a shopping trip to get new clothes. I never used to do this because I would just be buying new clothes on a regular basis, one item at a time. I have discovered, though, that buying clothes willy nilly costs more money and is not as satisfying. Therefore, I have my new method for buying clothes. I buy a lot at a time and don’t go shopping again for a few months or more. Well, last weekend was my clothes shopping voyage. I headed to the local mall and into the best store. Unfortunately, it was unhappy. I noticed that I was a bit warm but on no account did I think a store wouldn’t have air conditioning. When I went into the dressing room, I heard the sales people talking about the void of air conditioning they had been dealing with all week long. That’s right! No air conditioning for over 7 days! I do not consider myself a spoiled rotten person, but even I need air conditioning when trying on new outfits. Trying on clothes is challenging in a little tiny space, and I’m sure overweight so I sweat a lot anyway. I need my air conditioning! Well, there was definitely no air coming out of the ductwork. No air conditioning in any way. I did not buy anything because I could not tell how the garments were hanging on me because no a/c caused them all to stick to me. It was horrible! Get the HVAC situated, please!

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