I want better HVAC equipment

When I moved into my new residence, I was delighted that the HVAC system was only a few years old. Both the air conditioner and central heat were in decent shape along with being powerful enough to combat the extreme weather throughout every season. During the heat of the summer and coldest days of winter, however, I did notice that some rooms were more challenging to heat and cool. Because of the big windows within the kitchen, that area always became a little bit overheated. Since the bedrooms were shaded and fairly exposed to the wind, they tended to be cool. With a central thermostat, I had no choice but to try to maintain a single temperature for the whole house. I realized that was wasting a tremendous sum of energy. There are several rooms that our family rarely uses, and still I was paying to keep these rooms to a set temperature. I decided it was time to consult with an HVAC professional, and he recommended that I upgrade to zone controlled system. Due to the fact my HVAC equipment is comparatively new, the addition was very simple, inexpensive, and completed in only one afternoon. There was no substantial renovation project or mess needed. The HVAC technician simply installed a few valves to direct and regulate airflow to all the rooms. An independent thermostat in each room permits us to now customize temperature to our very own preferences. Not only can I target specific rooms to raise comfort levels, but I avoid energy waste in empty rooms. The energy savings has definitely recovered the buying price of the zoned system, and it was certainly a worthwhile investment.

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