I’d really love a newer HVAC unit

I have been most fortunate in that I have experienced good customer service for the majority of my life. I act kind towards people, and commonly, I receive kindness in return. Yesterday, though, I was very disappointed with the customer service that I received with a local HVAC company. I had called to schedule my normal HVAC maintenance, and while on the call, I was informed through the scheduler that the HVAC company which I have always used had a different owner. This was news, but I told the lady to just send an HVAC serviceman out to do the HVAC maintenance. I learned the hard way that this was a mistake. The HVAC serviceman who arrived was very mean and disrespectful. I suppose that the new owner didn’t care much about common courtesy. He barely even greeted me, and when he was walking inside the home to do the inspection, he made a mean comment concerning the color of my house, asking me if my grandmother lived with me, or if I had willingly chosen that paint color. I liked the color and I could have grandmotherly tastes, but still, this was a very unnecessary comment. Then, when he was looking at my ductwork, he asked when I would be upgrading my HVAC unit. I replied that I was hoping that I could get more years out of it, since I did not have the cash to replace it. He brusquely told me that I should spend my money on a new HVAC system instead of makeup, since it was not doing me any good. I have never had such rude customer service! After he left, I left my first negative review on the internet so others would not have to deal with this company.

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