I’m looking for many solutions

During the past several months, I have noticed that our HVAC system is not working so well, and I have done some research to try and determine why. The issues with my air conditioning unit is that it takes a really long period to cool down the house; often there is dust all around the rooms, especially near the air vents; and the air smells a bit musty. After doing some research online upon various HVAC websites, I think that I discovered the cause of my HVAC issues. My ductwork has to be dirty! My ductwork has not been cleaned for some time now, and I know that my entire HVAC system is very old. For all I know it’s the original HVAC system that was installed in my home. I have decided to call an HVAC company to see if I can get a scheduled visit to get my ductwork flushed. I am not sure exactly how expensive it may be, and I am not sure how long the job would take, but I do believe it would make a huge difference in how well my air conditioning unit works. I am tired of spending a lot money on my utility statement, just to get poor air conditioning. I also think that my air conditioning unit will last much longer if I am not making it work so hard. Having an efficient air conditioning unit is important to me, and I reckon that this solution will give me exactly what I am looking for. I really hope that it does!

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