It’s finally summer!

I believe that the summertime, and the 4 weeks of August, in particular, are the hardest days of the year to dress for. The temperatures outside are nevertheless hot, but indoors, the air conditioning is actually freezing! It is still summertime, but everyone is coming back from vacation and getting ready for school. Stores begin to put out their fall clothing, and Halloween stores appear in empty storefronts. When I get dressed every day, I struggle between wanting to dress for the current season, the indoor air conditioning, or the upcoming fall season. So frequently, I have dressed for the outside conditions and not accounted for the long hours I would be sitting at my desk freezing in the air conditioning. Recently, I have begun to generate a a plan for my outfits, rather than just deciding on whatever speaks to me each morning. I have settled on developing a basic outfit formula. Right at this point, this equals a unfastened fitting top in darker, fall-esque colors with a pencil skirt as well as a loose dress and a set of sandals or pointed-toe flats. I also include a denim jacket, blazer, or cardigan for days that I am going to be indoors. I am convinced that there are not many problems that are more annoying than having to sit in freezing air conditioning without a jacket or sweater! I have come a long way with my outfit formulas and they have worked well for me. I am cool in the hot outdoors, and warm within the air conditioned indoors. Maybe August isn’t as bad as I thought when it comes to being dressed right.

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