Shoveling in the winter

The moment my grandmother slipped and fell on top of the ice, she needed someone to help her out. I volunteered to relocate with her for a few weeks. This was in the midst of January, and my grandma lives in the northeastern part of the country. Since I grew up and currently live on the southern border, I am not familiar with cold weather. I was not at all prepared for the freezing temperature of fifteen below zero, six-foot drifts of snow, and a brutal wind chill. I had to look and buy winter boots, knitted head wear, gloves, and a wool cover. I was also shocked from the work and expense caused by the brutal weather. My grandma was worried about her monthly heating bill, so I tried to set the thermostat down a bit. I shivered throughout my whole visit, and although this furnace ran constantly, I always felt the house was way too cold. Hoping to cut back on her energy costs a bit, I hired a local HVAC professional to service the furnace. This HVAC technician cleaned the inside workings, lubricated the moving sections, checked the electrical connections, and got everything working at top capacity. His efforts definitely increased airflow and comfort, trimmed down the furnace’s running time a great deal, and significantly lowered the electric bill. Despite optimizing the performance of the furnace, I was still unhappy in regard to the winter weather. I absolutely hated bundling up just to go outside and shoveling the sidewalk multiple times everyday. I had to shovel a path to the mailbox every morning, dig out the car, sprinkle rock salt inside the driveway, and knock icicles off the roof. I can’t imagine why my grandmother chooses to reside somewhere that gets buried under drifts of snow consistently every year.

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