The temperature outside is over 80

I must say that I have always dreamed of attending a game in the college basketball contest, and this year, I was finally allowed to go! I had to drive to a city quite a ways away, driving in my decrepit old car, and I had to stay in a cheap rundown motel, but I managed. The game was outstanding, and my team ended up winning. I was quite excited when I began to make the drive home. Unfortunately, only a few minutes later on in the drive, I realized that my air conditioning was not working. I had the thermostat set as low as it would go, but the only air flowing out of the vents was warm air. I was so unhappy. My car was old, but it had always had excellent air conditioning, and with the air conditioning to go out like that when I needed it most was cruel! Now, I had three hours of driving in front of me, and the temperatures outside were in the high 80’s. Of course, this would happen to me out of all people! There was nothing I could do but drive fast with all the windows open. By the second hour of driving, I had sweat pouring down my face, and I felt like a football player right at the end of practice. I pulled off at a rest area, just so I could relax in some air conditioning for a little bit before I continued on my trip. That road trip was the longest trip I have ever been on, and I was so thankful for my air conditioning when I finally made it home!

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