We don’t want to sweat

Most recently, I was required to go to an offsite meeting for my job. The meeting took place at a local hotel, in the banquet room. I was very excited to attend this meeting, mainly because I knew that there may be food. I love food, and my company does an ideal job of providing delicious food at every company gathering. At the time I arrived at the hotel, I decided to use the bathroom to freshen up, then went on to the meeting room. Upon my entrance into this elegant room, I immediately noticed that it was much smaller than all previous rooms my company normally books. The maximum occupancy ended up being listed as fifty people, and I was sure we had at least a few more than that. Still, though, I was sure we would have a excellent meeting and good food, even though the room was a bit short of space. Once we started eating dinner, I heard several complaints from my tablemates regarding the insufficient air conditioning. The person next to me even asked one of the many waiters about adjusting the thermostat. He replied that it was already adjusted and that it could take some time to catch up with the heat in the room. I knew then we were in for a very long meeting. The person I felt the worst for was my head boss, who was stuck at the far side of the room under spotlights, aiming to give his presentation. I could tell he was sweating a great deal. I am sure that those spotlights felt just like giant heaters pointed directly towards him. When the meeting was over, we all got out as quickly as we could. Thankfully, the air conditioning in a lobby was still working properly, so we were able to cool-down in the A/C effectively.