HVAC equipment inside my trailer

My son is actually telling me how much he individually appreciates our HVAC system. He notices that I always am certain to keep up tough maintenance needs. He has informed me about what the HVAC system is compared to at his school. He says that it’s always much too humid and a tad too hot. When he asked the main janitor  if they could change this thermostat setting, he was told that the temperature was just fine indeed. I recall going into the school for student/teacher conferences and I had the idea he was right. They could stand to turn the air conditioner up slightly. I wasn’t sure if these people properly maintained their HVAC system but I might think they would have to. With the huge amount of money we pay in taxes they better be. My son also has a class in one of several trailers outside of the higher education building. All they have instead of air conditioning could be described as fans to keep cool. Certainly from what I hear, it’s not cool in any way. It’s really just a couple of hot air blasts moving around. At least the air was moving I guess, I suppose it could be much worse. I felt damaging my son in these factors at school was not a good idea. I told him he could move to an alternative class if he couldn’t stand the side trailer. He said it could be all right, he just wished they would install a portable HVAC unit in those trailers. I contacted the principal and had this talk about the HVAC system. The principle actually did agree with me that it could be wise to provide portable HVAC systems to the many outdoor trailers. Within 7 days, they had them set up and my son said he was so glad that I talked to the principle because they finally had air conditioning in the stuffy  trailers.

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