I’m happy my home is the way it is

Whereas I retired from my job 5 years ago I still pride myself always in being professional and kind to everyone I meet. In return, I expect that others are kind and courteous as well, although this isn’t always the situation. Last week I had to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit t my hoe. My favorite HVAC technician provides since retired, so I had no idea who would be coming to my house in his place for said appointment. I had traditionally scheduled the appointment for 10am, but the HVAC company had called me earlier that morning to tell me that they might be coming at 11am instead with a full day. I was mildly disappointed by this with errand running that day and did not need to leave the HVAC technician alone at my personal home. When the HVAC computer technician arrived, I noticed that their pants were barely covering the behind. He did not look me in the eye or shake my hand when offered. Instead he headed straight to the HVAC system in the basement. I was disgusted by this partner’s behavior. All he was capable to mumble was hello if that. Sure, he was only about 20 years old, but he obviously knew nothing about good customer service. I would definitely be contacting his boss at the HVAC company. How he was acting was totally unacceptable in a company that I have dealt with for quite some years. I only hoped he knew a thing or two about servicing some sort of HVAC system. If not, I’d personally be asking for a refund for today’s appointment, no doubt!

Brex Arlington