I’m un-sure about my budget

Last week I lost my job after two decades. It was a total necessity to our budget. I arrived to the HVAC provider headquarters on Monday and found an email posted to the door they were now permanently closed for business. I tried calling my boss, but he did not know anything more either. I saw no other choice but to search out another job. It had been awhile since I had searched for a position, so I did not know what I needed to do first off. Luckily, my wife had been through this in past times, so she was able giving me some pointers for searching. I started by visiting every one of the local HVAC companies, but none had any openings for HVAC technicians with the current closure. I then started searching for HVAC technician jobs online together with in local newspapers, but there seemed to be nothing around! I did not know where to start and my wife suggested that I try to look for jobs in other towns. This is not something I wanted to do though with my old car as it’s not in good shape. It would be especially terrible in the winter too. But my wife reminded me that I did have no other job options. Sure, it would suck having to drive a distance to get to work, but at least I’d be working some. She asked what the alternative would be and I had to trust her. I only hoped that there may be HVAC technician jobs in many other towns with the recent crash. It did not feel like the industry was doing as well well. I could not afford being off of work for for a longer time as it stood.

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