I’m very thankful in this moment

A lot of the family goes on vacation just about every other summer. Usually, we all camp at the lake or nearby. We always get the best spot around this particular campground. The lake is actually within walking distance of the campground which is awesome. It’s always fun to return to this place, we play football in the field and a basketball court where we play time to time. The only thing that is difficult about hanging out at the campground is the no heating and cooling. A lot of those nights we wish we had some type of portable HVAC unit available. That would be really great for us to enjoy. It would certainly make it easier for many people to sleep too. The only heating we use will be the fireplace before we resign for the evening. I always make sure to have a lot of firewood and do a good amount of wood chopping. It certainly can be nice but comfort wise can’t beat a furnace. Plus, I always hate when smoke from the fire journeys to my face and would make my eyes sting bad. On awesome days though, instead of needing comfortable air conditioning, it’s great to look take a dip in that lake for relief. We like to go wave running also. It’s always a great day. We’ll be out there usually even just laying in inner tubes. Some of my cousins prefer to go fishing and have made some terrific catches those summers, I must say. Individually, I don’t like fish at all. Another smart way to heat up or cool down is in the showers they’ve already. In the morning it’s nice to warm up with a warm shower or inside blazing hot day a colder shower to cool off a bit. After the trip is over and we arrive back property and I am always so thankful for our fresh air and perfect air conditioning that I missed.

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