My allergies will frequently get out of control

I have many pets in my home. I’ve 5 dogs and 6 kittens. As you could imagine, this makes it essential to use the perfect air filters for my HVAC system. I keep the pets all well paid in advance and make sure they stay groomed. This allows for way less pet dander. I know most of my family members that are allergic appreciate this once they come over to visit. I’m certainly glad my young children don’t have any allergies as I probably wouldn’t be able to keep my pets either. I do appreciate clean healthy air not alone for myself but for my kids and pets especially. I bought an air purifier that works with my HVAC system. It’s really nice and if you didn’t know that I had animals inside my house, you wouldn’t be able to realize it you didn’t see them. The air really is that fresh and very clean. One of my friends who comes by from time to time always compliments my great HVAC system. He has allergies so he can really tell the major difference in houses that have HVAC systems. I let him know that I keep up with all the HVAC system maintenance as I have pride in my HVAC system. I invest in the greatest air filters. I also clean out the outdoor condenser unit by myself. I am careful to do this as I clean all the blades and clean out the levels of debris. This saves me a good amount of money on maintenance costs but I leave the rest up to the HVAC pros. They constantly compliment me on my maintenance habits since they never have to clean my condenser unit outside. They can also easily tell that I use great quality air filters all the time.