Refrigerant leaks

Two Saturdays ago, I had a birthday BBQ organized for some of my friends and family. I was busy most in the week so I wasn’t able to mow my lawn until that morning. I literally was mowing the lawn Saturday morning while it was extremely hot outside. The mix of mowing the lawn and edging made me work up a horrible sweat. By the time I finished everything and had it all looking really nice, I practically collapsed from heat stroke and thirst. I rushed inside and cranked up a air conditioning full blast, but there was difficulty. The A/C wasn’t working perfectly at all and I had been dying then. I couldn’t stand this heat and thought I better call the HVAC Company fast. They listened to my concerns and were very understanding. They actually had the ability to send out an HVAC specialist within 20 minutes of the house. The guy told me our provider just finished a repair right up my street and that’s why he could arrive so quickly. He promptly went to my HVAC system and quickly solved the problem in minutes. I had a refrigerant leak, apparently. He fixed the leak right away and filled my system backup with refrigerant. The A/C hasn’t felt so nice in weeks. That air was ice cold from the vents. The best thing was that this was all done before this BBQ and guests arrived! I gave this guy a great tip, then I thanked him and wished him a great weekend. When my friends and family came over, they ended up loving my quality of air conditioning so much. They couldn’t stop saying how nice it was to sit in. It was very refreshing coming into my home from the back porch. I sure was thankful to the HVAC technician just then.

A/C repair