The town gossip

    Every six months I get my HVAC system serviced. Many of my friends dread these kinds of appointments, but I do not mind. I always clean the house before the appointment. I definitely do not want the HVAC technician to find my house in disarray. When I clean my house, I clean the whole place, including the basement where the HVAC system is located. My basement gets dirty really quick because my hubby is constantly down there tinkering with his wood projects. It takes up to a full day to just clean my basement. Once I have the house cleaned, I am ready for the HVAC service appointment. My HVAC technician is the nicest guy. He is an older gentleman that has been a HVAC  tech for over forty five years. I always request him when I schedule the said HVAC service appointment. There have been instances when other HVAC technicians have come for my appointment, and they were less friendly, or knowledgeable. I tried to provide the other HVAC technicians a chance, but none of them were as good as my favorite HVAC technician. In addition, to the HVAC technician’s friendliness, and knowledge of the HVAC industry, he also keeps me knowledgeable on the local town news. He is like a hairdresser! He gives me the 411 of what is happening with the school district, or new drama that could be unfolding with the chamber of commerce. I cannot imagine if my HVAC technician retired from his job. I would be so distraught and the HVAC service appointments in the future  would not be the same.

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