We’re loving the cooling equipment

I cannot stand my new neighbor, Robert. He has lived next door just a year. The year he has been there feels more just like a decade. I can no longer sit at my backyard because he will come over and be bragging about his house and property upgrades. He is constantly telling me that he has made his home increase the costs of homes in the neighborhood greatly. This is quite a few bits of crazy. I have been making updates to my home for a long time, well before Bob even moved into the neighborhood. But because Bob just had a central air conditioning system fitted in his home, he thinks that the value of the homes on the street have increased significantly for the cost. One is so delusional to think this. He had me come to his home after the air conditioner was installed. The air conditioning felt nice since it was pretty hot and sticky in the garden that day, but I would not tell Bob this. I don’t need him thinking that I sm holding jealousy for him. Yes, it would be nice to have the cool air while I am seeking to fall asleep at night. Alternatively, I have now use a window fan to keep me cool. An air conditioning system would work much better. However, I don’t want to spend the money right now. I am saving for some fun update to my home: a pool. I have not provided my news with Bob as of yet. I may not tell him and just watch his face when the pool company pertains install my inground pool.

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