Donating to charity

I enjoy buy and restore old stores, and then donate them to private charities either to provide away or use for housing. I am very lucky to not ever have to worry about money at this point in my life, so I found a hobby that might benefit others. I really prefer not just give money to be able to people, after all you never understand what they will do with it. But if I give a house to a charity, it’s harder to squander it. And of course I will check back in to cause them to become using my gift wisely. I’m not restoring these places and investing in electricity, plumbing, and central heating and cooling just to line the wallets of some fat cats. I really want these homes to be been around in by people, by young families, who don’t have access to hot water, clean rooms, and climate control inside their lives. Of course, I have been told repeatedly that since those houses are for charity they don’t need an expensive heating and cooling system. It would save me a ton of money to just skip over having ac installed at all, and just get a really cheap and effective furnace for heating, but that’s not my style at all. I’ve never liked giving an affordable gift, and so if I’m going to give a house to children portrait, it’s going to be a great one with a new wood stove, nice fridge, and a quality HVAC system. They really deserve the best, and that includes an AC unit.

AC equipment