enjoying the holidays

To various people, moving back to their apartment neighborhoods it is a cause for rejoicing and celebration. But for me, on the other hand, it is a cause for serious regret. I am moving back home this afternoon with such dread. My family is split now, with half the side of the family supporting my mom after the divorce, plus the other half supporting my dad. It would be one thing if they were amicable to each other a little bit even, however, they are not in the least. So everything, every holiday, every birthday, every family event turns into needless drama plus vindictiveness towards each other.  Thankfully, the divorce split occurred after I was away at college, and then I purposefully stayed away for as long as I could. Now, though, I am returning apartment to stay with my Grandparents for at least a summer to help them with their house and health. They are no longer able to live independently, but, apparently I am the only one who cares to keep them out of a nursing home. I am not looking forward to the drama, nor am I looking forward to the crazy hot weather. The weather in my hometown is hot, sticky, plus miserable all of the time. I will have to give up my beach house with no cooling system  (there is no need for central cooling system up here), then transport to my Grandparents where having central cooling system is practically a necessity as is food. I will also have to get a window cooling system unit for my room at my Grandparents’ because they keep the temperature control set at just a few degrees below the outside temperature as it is. I anticipate being in my room a lot, hiding from any drama, so I need to make sure that it has a window cooling system unit plus it is as comfortable as possible. This is not going to be an unbelievable summer like last one.

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