HVAC product replacement

Because of a generous grant from your scientific research program, I am now a botanical researcher. I operate inside field, which is our science tool for saying I am not in the lab but on the globe, collecting samples and studying different plants in their natural environments. I take plantlife from across North America and record information back at the headquarters where they examine it and do experiments into it. To say it’s my dream job is something of understatement. They even provided a recreational vehicle big enough for me to sleep in, live in, and store this samples in. Because of that delicate nature of plantlife, the small RV features a sophisticated climate control AIR CONDITIONING system. In their native surroundings, these local plants have needs of temperature, humidity, air move, and water. It’s a extremely delicate balance, so a quality heating and cooling system with a smart HVAC thermostat lets me optimize the indoor air quality for the sake of the plants on their within to headquarters. The system is much more than just temperature control, it comes with several humidifiers and dehumidifiers so that the level of humidity and water vapor in the air can be taken care of. Indoor air quality is necessary, but sometimes you don’t want the air to be too pure, as plants take their nutrients from the world around them. After every trip, I take the RV to the special garage where to get the HVAC system a tune up if needed.

air conditioner tune-up