I can’t keep an eye on this money

Have you ever wondered why people spend their money the best way that they do? I guess you could say that my parents raised me being very frugal. They taught me to not devote to things that weren’t necessary and to always make sure I am always saving so much money as I can for future years. I am about to masteral from college and I already have a substantial amount of money in my savings account. I am very proud involving myself for not blowing money on clothing and venturing out during my first few years of school like others did. I made sure that was saving for emergencies, just incase something happened We have money set aside. I was lucky to identify a family to babysit for around my first semester of my freshman year, they had three small children and paid me perfectly to watch them. The best part was all the money was tax free! However, this family spent money like I’ve got never seen before in my life. They were constantly buying brand-new cars and upgrading their hardware. When I came to work last week they were having a new heating and cooling system installed in their home. I could have sworn they had a new heating and cooling system put in about this past year. When I pulled up at their house and saw the HVAC technician’s truck I knew they were doing any upgrades. They left the invoice in the counter for the new heating and cooling system and it was better than I expected. I can’t believe they spent a great deal of on HVAC upgrades!

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