I can’t sell this house

I actually hate cats so much! I watch people cuddling them and kissing him or her, and you can see the hair floating within the air. They curl their tails all around your legs, and I sense that I have bugs crawling upon me. I went to a friends house for supper, and the cat was pacing on top of  the table as they definitely allowed it to eat from their plates. I never went again there again. When I enter someone’s house, most times, I can tell immediately whenever they have cats. It is just about the most vile smell I have at any time encountered. Many people enjoy how clean they are, but they scrape inside of their litter box, and if you may well smell it, don’t tell me which it isn’t on the animal. To be a realtor, I go to various houses. If I can smell odors in your house, especially cats, I won’t show the home as it is off putting. I went on an appointment to list a home. The house reeked of snake odor. I really wanted to sell the house for them, because the device was lovely. I suggested they call a local heating and cooling company with their HVAC system inspected, and I added did you know the other things that needed being done, so we could acquire a good price for it. I contacted a HVAC company and I mentioned odors and I wanted him to view if they had an air purification system on their HVAC. When I returned for the house, I was pleasantly thrilled. The odor was gone. The HVAC service tech said they had an air purifier, but the filters were clogged with puppy hair, and it wasn’t allowed to do its job.

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