I like to relax

A lot of people say that they love the outdoors, after winter is over. I figured out that all they smell is the unsettled dirt. I have allergen hypersensitivity to dirt and dust. Concerning allergies to animals, and majority  of flowers. I stay indoors with the time the trees begin to help shed their buds, until far on the fall, after all the leaves have fallen. Sun and wetness take my breath away, and I am able to have major asthma attacks if i don’t stay cool. It’s not fun when you need to stay in front from fan, and not move at all, in fear of stopping breathing. It wouldn’t be so bad in my home where my husband has installed an air purification system. The air purifier goes a step forward than micron air filters. It traps the dust through ionization. Any mold or mildew or bacteria is killed precisely as it passes through special blue lighting, that kills them instantly. I don’t know the right terms for the components or the science health of their functioning, but I recognize that it works. Before the air home cleaner, and the air conditioning, I suffered for at the least three months. I would miss a bit of work, and a lot of of that time off, was spent inside hospital. I had tubes all the way down my throat, and I carried an oxygen bottle beside me. I don’t ever want to go back to that; not when the simple fix is an air conditioner, a home air purifiers, and climate control, and staying in as much as I can.

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