I normally find a good sweater

Or simply worked in an office who was unbearably cold? Recently got a new job and without a doubt the office is freezing. I don’t know merely was just lucky at my own old company, but this is torture. I like to gain access to work as early as possible so that I am able to get my kids up from the school. Sometimes when will I arrive at your workplace the sun is not even up yet and the office feels like I am living at the north pole. I don’t know all others does it, I normally have to bring no less than two sweaters with me to work daily to stay warm. I asked my coworkers what the oxygen conditioner temperature was set at plus they said our HVAC system wasn’t controlled inside our office. I guess our national office controls the different heating and cooling systems around the office. This seems absurd in my experience, how could an office in the entirely different city know what temperature to set our air conditioner at? Well they are not doing a very good job. I have set up a meeting my boss for you to discuss the heating and cooling system issue. He needs to know this is simply unacceptable and that employees must not have to worry about sitting on their hands in order to stay warm while working. Not necessarily conducive to a productive workplace. I just want things to be as efficient as they can be.

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