My university is very hot

I saw it my heart set on attending one particular university. I visited it during twelfth grade for a weekend once, as well as the beauty of the campus made a giant impression on me. I had finally decided it was the only school for me. It has some great software programs, and the teaching staff is top-ranking, but more than anything I loved the manner in which it looked. Buildings a millennium old, brick walls covered using ivy, huge trees everywhere you look I looked. It felt like a great place to learn. I should have thought about it a lot more deeply, because living in one hundred year-old dorm has got stuck me with a terrible wi-fi connection perhaps even worse air conditioning. The place looks great within the outside, but the quaint rustic appeal wears off when it’s ninety degrees and rising along with your AC unit is too small and weak you need to do anything about it. Yes, my room does have an air conditioning, technically speaking. But it is a small portable cooling unit, about several years old, and it’s barely strong enough to make my toes really cold if I’m standing on it. I guess I has been spoiled, because it never occurred to me that these building would not have climate control, didn’t every set up America have AC? Well it’s too late to complain about it now, before long Fall can be here, and then I’ll be shivering from a reduction in proper heating. No wonder many students live off campus, they understand the importance of HVAC.

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