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My boyfriend and I got a new puppy and he’s so adorable! They are just three weeks old and is already so big, his paws are comparable size as his face. Before we brought our pup home, we thought it would be recommended that you “puppy proof” our house. We thought we done everything we could to prepare the house and ourselves for our new little companion. But, when most people brought him home we ended up definitely in over our heads. First, he was getting into everything in the place. If you left anything out he automatically thought that it was a chew toy. We have had to throw away pillows, shoes and even a number of pairs of underwear. The worst was that they was chew on the door to our HVAC unit. He would just sit there and chew for the door until eventually there was a giant, gaping hole. We went to bed and thought we obtain the supplies to repair the door at dawn, but that was a significant mistake. In the middle with the night our puppy ended up climbing on top of our HVAC closet and chewing on our HVAC filters. We woke up for the disturbing sounds of our puppy choking to the air conditioner filters. We decided that first thing at dawn we were going to call a local heating and cooling mechanic and have him use a door that the puppy would not be capable of getting through. We felt lucky our new puppy didn’t get on the furnace because that would have been an actual nightmare!

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