Turning our thermostat down a few degrees

When I am preparing to have friends over for a dinner party of any kind, I consistently make sure to prepare our house with the nice meal. The first thing that I do is fairly straightforward, as I disinfect our home from top to bottom. I consistently find myself embarrassed if there is mess or clutter in our home when I have people over. The next thing that I do is put in some plug in air fresheners to help cover any pet smells from trash or outside or anything else. The last thing that I do is check the air filters in our HVAC unit and then turn our control unit down numerous degrees colder than normally set from my personal experience. I think that I correctly keep our home a lot warmer than normal people do so, so when I have friends over I do not want them to be tepid just because I do not like too much air conditioning in our house at the time. I try to be a gracious host, and that will mean keeping our air conditioning running more often even if it makes me uncomfortable. I would rather wear a jacket and have comfortable guests in good air conditioning than not run our air conditioning and be comfortable, but have agitated guests you see. Really, occasionally, being a host is about making sacrifices. Thankfully, our Heating and Air Conditioning system is actually good, and I can turn off the air conditioning and heat the home back up fairly quick after our guests leave. I just take a tepid shower until the home warms up.