Using the heating

I grew up with a lot of nice things in my life. Both of my parents worked in politics most of my life, so my siblings and I did not need for legitimately too much! When it came to our indoor comfort, everyone in the family all had individual temperature controls in our rooms. I became legitimately spoiled with the a/c, because I appreciate keeping the temperature control set to 72 degrees at all times since I run hot. Even when it was the middle of the winter blustery season, I rarely used the heating unit at all. When I graduated from my school and moved away for college, I realized just how lucky I had been at home. I moved into a rental house with three other roommates, who all had to share the usage of the temperature control. That meant that all of us needed to come together and agree on the temperature control settings, in order for our electricity bills to remain low. I was not used to sharing a temperature box, and I absolutely was not accustomed to paying for my own electricity usage at home. So, my roommates and I finally came to the agreement to keep the temperature control set to high 74 degrees. I was harshly uncomfortable all night long in my room, plus I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I went to the Super Store to purchase a large ceiling  fan, but found out just how extravagant they can be. I had to pay $50 for a fan in the bedroom, because I had to share the temperature control settings now. By the time our first Energy bill came to the house, I was legitimately gleeful that we learned to keep the temperature control set so high. The bill was pretty high as it was, and the people I was with and I were all trying to be careful.

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