Air quality for my husband

My best buddy and I recently moved into an older beach house to try and save up our money. It’s nice, but you can tell it’s a bit run-down and needs some major TLC and fixing up.

Once we moved in, I observed I started feeling more exhausted than normal. I would wake up feeling congested and irritable and had constant headaches and bouts of nausea. I thought at first maybe I had a cold or was getting sick, but it’s been like this for 3 weeks now.

My bestie said he thought maybe it might be our heating and cooling equipment as our symptoms seem worse after I run the A/C or heating system for extended periods of time.  He said maybe I should have an Heating as well as A/C specialist come out to the beach house and test the air quality to see what is going on.

I took his advice and called up our local A/C supplier to see what they could do for us. The tech said that he could run some tests to check for VOCs (which means volatile organic compounds) which can severely affect the air purity indoors. He said that all of our symptoms are right in line with VOC issues. He also wanted to check for mold and other harmful fungi.

Sure enough, the tech showed me the results of the testing and the air quality was really poor. He suggested we install an air purification machine to help filter out the allergens and to clean up the air. He also suggested having the HVAC ducts cleaned out to remove any dust, dander, and debris that has accumulated over the last several years.

I did as he suggested and now with our up-to-date air purification machine and clean ducts, all our symptoms have disappeared. I never realized how incredibly important air quality is to your health.