Caring for a cooling system is a lot of work

Caring for a cooling system is a lot of work. I did not realize what a big commitment AC was. I feel like I care more for my AC than I do my dog. First, the air conditioner needs to have two service appointments with a HVAC company. At the start of the hot season and at the end of the hot season there should be a cooling service date. The air conditioning business cleans the AC before it starts up fro the Summer. They ensure the air conditioner has no repairs, has enough coolant and is properly lubricated. The end of season A/C tune up consists of the air conditioning business checking to see if there was any damage to the cooling equipment. You don’t want to leave a repair for a couple of seasons. Your air conditioner system will only get worse. Additionally the AC contractor makes sure the air conditioner is all set away to sit stationary. Second, the air conditioner needs a lot of frequent maintenance for the homeowner. I constantly feel I am changing cooling filters. I have to change the air filter when it clogs with dust. I also have to check the cooling coil for mold on it. Additionally algae can get into the condensate drain and cause it to leak water. The cooling system can also be low on refrigerant or not be properly lubricated. There is a ton of things to watch out for on AC. Sometimes I think it might be more work than it is worth. Cooling is not that great.

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