Fully prepping our heating device

Because I grew up in the northeast, it never occured to me that there were regions of the country where many of the homes didn’t have both heaters and A/Cs. I always had both when I lived in the northeast, but I recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest for a new job. When I was house hunting there, I found that most of the homes didn’t have cooling systems. This is because the weather in the region is either very mild or chilly all year. They don’t experience very high temperatures, so there is no need for the homes to have and air conditioner. However, the past few weeks here have been abnormally hot. I don’t know where this heat wave came from, but it has me wishing that I had a cooling system. I’m thinking about going to buy a small portable air conditioner to keep in the garage. When we have hot days like this, I will be able to pull it out and at least cool the room that I am using. It’s not quite as good as having a standard cooling system, but it definitely helps out on those rare warm days. There’s no way I could get by without an A/C in the northeast, as the summers there can be quite warm. However, there are ways to cope in the northwest when it comes to this kind of thing. I can’t really decide which type of weather I like best. The northwest is nice because it’s never too extreme, but the northeast provides a nice change of scenery when the temperatures change. I definitely save on my utility bill in my new home!

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