Indoor concert should have good heating

I am going to see Janet Jackson in concert with my mother tonight. I have never gone to a concert in the Winter time. Usually what my mom and I do is find the concerts for the Summer. We then book as many as we can and plan our Summer out with it. We make a day of the concert too. We go early, drink some beer, eat some snacks and enjoy the music. I like that I can wear comfy shorts and a t-shirt and not worry about anything else. This concert will be different. First, the venue is inside. I have never been inside for a concert before. I would think the drinking and atmosphere would be way different. Second, I will have to bring a coat. That will stink lugging around. Third, my mother and I can’t spend the night there so we won’t be drinking. It all sounds like a bad experience but I am kind of excited to try out the indoor venue. I like the idea of having quality heating pumping on me while I watch music. I feel like that will make it a more enjoyable evening. I have never gotten to experience climate control while watching a show. I usually sweat to death in the Summer with no AC and having the sun blaze over my head. This time I will get a comfy seat, have snacks and have the heater keeping me warm. I will be way less pumped up for the music, but it certainly will be a more relaxing experience.

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