Living with an all HVAC family

My partner’s sister was finally going to get married. She’s been dating the same guy for years now and they are finally going to do it. I was undoubtedly enthusiastic for her. She is great and so is her fiance, so they are a good fit. Even though he works and is gone a lot, they seem to always make it work. She is a delicate lady, with some breathing concerns, so it’s good he takes care of her. As an Heating as well as A/C repair specialist, he makes a lot of money. As I mentioned, he does work a lot and it’s mostly on various types of HVAC machines in department stores. Another great thing about his career is that he is able to give for her the best possible Heating as well as A/C air filtration plan for the condo they share. With her strange lung problem, moist air is really good for her to breathe. So he has set up a great filtrations system and also a humidifier. This is cool because most places use dehumidifiers, but because of her lungs they use the opposite. I am genuinely looking forward to their wedding, because I hear a lot of his Heating as well as A/C repair buddies are going to be there. And the way he talks about it, Heating as well as A/C workers like to party.

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