Love and care for the HVAC

A few weeks ago, my air conditioner stopped working altogether. I played with the thermostat for a few minutes before realizing that it was going to take a skilled Heating and A/C repairman to assess my problem. It was the middle of summer, so I called my Heating and A/C contractor to schedule a repair. When I called, I was put on hold for nearly an hour and a half before someone was able to take my call. When I was finally helped, the lady told me that it would be a full week before anyone would be able to repair my Heating and A/C unit. I was perturbed to say the least! After several nights of waiting for my repair appointment, I decided to stay in a hotel. My apartment had simply gotten too hot to sleep in, and the heat really got me flustered. I knew that I should have had a routine inspection completed in the Spring before the hot and cold temperatures reached their peak! By the time July came, the Heating and A/C contractor was so backed up that I had to wait much longer than I would have if I had had the repair completed a few months sooner. I certainly learned a hard lesson this year, but from now on, I will have a Heating and A/C repairman come twice a year to make sure my air conditioner is in fantastic shape. There’s no way that I will be dealing with this situation again if I can help it. When the Heating and A/C contractor finally made it out to my house, they were able to repair the problem in under 2 hours. Wow, I wish I had considered this a few months ago!

HVAC appointment