Melting ice disaster

As I sit in my office I am watching the ice and snow melt quickly out the window. Today we are having temperatures in the forties. I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination because after living through two straight weeks of below freezing I will take any weather at this point. The only problem with the drastic change in temperature, is the fact that I won’t be seeing much of my husband this week. He works for the local highway department and whenever we have drastic changes in temperature he is on call all day long. You must be ready at any given moment to either service a pump or one of those sewer department units or clear debris from a bridge when the ice breaks. If these things are not attended to they can cause major property damage for those living around the areas affected. Many of these situations can cause basements to flood. The biggest expense to homeowners is that they have to replace their HVAC systems. Once your furnace or boiler is under water, it is no longer safe to use until recertified or replaced. This should only be done by a certified professional as most insurance companies won’t pay for the costs unless the repairs are done by an HVAC professional. Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge needed to handle these repairs themselves anyway. Additionally, they are so busy dealing with all of the other mess from a flooded basement that is the last thing that they want to worry about. I hope that the rest of the month warms up gradually enough that it doesn’t cause much damage. It would also be nice if we don’t have to go back to the freezing temperatures.

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