My college had no air conditioning

The university I attended had a elegant campus. There were palm trees lining the walkways and all of the buildings were a Spanish style architecture which I found entirely cool and elegant. I enjoyed being there for several years, but the only exception was that some of my classes were held in an old building that did not have any Heating or A/C systems. If I had to sign up for a class in the building, I knew that it was going to make for a long year. Each time this happened, I would have to spend several hours each week covered in sweat while I tried to take notes. After 2 years of dealing with this issue, I wrote a complaint to the school. I don’t believe that it’s reasonable to force students who are paying thousands of dollars in tuition to spend their time in a location that isn’t air conditioned. Eventually, I gained a response from someone in the administrative department. All they could tell me was that they would consider making the change. At the least, they could have window component air conditioners installed in the classrooms. I wasn’t the only one who complained about the issue. The school is located in a warm region, and it is taxing to stay comfortable even with a dependable Heating and A/C unit. I’m thinking that the school might seriously consider including some Heating and A/C systems in their next annual budget! The investment would go a long way and make a difference in the overall comfort level of those attending and teaching in the building. Who knows, it may even help the students attending classes there achieve higher grades!

a/c set up