The air conditioner device saved our condo

I am having a horrible and uncomfortable warm season. Not only is the extreme heat getting to me but no matter how cold I run our A/C, it just doesn’t seem to cool the location down enough to make it any more comfortable. I still recognize sweaty and sticky and agitated. It’s September, it’s deep in the South, and I recognize this is to be expected, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I can’t wait for the autumn to arrive.

In the meantime, just to try and make our beach house more comfortable, I decided to check out the humidity inside and discovered that although the A/C is entirely working okay and taking out a lot of excess water from the air, I still have relatively high humidity inside, about 72% to be exact, however for me, that is just too high to recognize cool or dry. I decided to purchase a room dehumidifier just to increase our comfort level, and I am so blissful that I did.

The dehumidifier works along with the central A/C unit in removing the excess amounts of water vapor from the air. I locationd it in our living room where I spend the most of my time when I am beach house from work.  

I programmed our temperature control settings to stay at 77 degrees when I am not beach house and to go to 74 as I am on our way home. That way, when I walk in the door, I am always welcomed by crisp, cool air. It feels so good. Once inside, I turn on the dehumidifier in the living room so that it can be smartly working alongside the A/C to lower the overall humidity and make our living room even more comfortable.

With both our A/C and the dehumidifier together, I hope to pass the rest of the warm season in relative comfort while anxiously waiting for the fall.

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