The fish could not survive without a heater

I had an epiphany the other morning in my home. I had been trying to make my home look cooler for my partner. So, I added a few potted plants plus I bought some truly neat fish for our little  place. But within a short month the plants looked dead, as they were brown, losing leaves plus wilted. The fish went belly up within a few mornings too. I was super depressed thinking that I am just a natural born killer. I then started thinking about what I did wrong for them. Was it over watering plus unclean fish water? Did I feed both items too much food or not? I then had my epiphany. The reason I killed everything in my condo was the lack of heating I didn’t turn on. I am super cheap when it comes to heating in wintertime, for budgeting reasons. Turning on my furnace almost doubles my energy costs easily. So I use my gas furnace as little as possible. What I do on super freezing nights is turn on my kitchen area heater and my electric blanket. That little amount of heating does not truly help the rest of my condo, however. I guess that having an unheated condo killed my plants plus fish, sadly. I truthfully guess that my indoor air temperature was so low that my lake condo was unlivable for them both and yet I live there! Wow, that is almost impressive. I live in such Arctic conditions that my fish plus potted plants could not make it, but I do! I should truly use my furnace more than I do. I just can’t stomach that high bill at the end of the month though. So I think no fish plus plants for me. I will get a lava lamp or something to spruce up my place.

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