Want AC in hotel after long motorcycle rides

My partner Betty and I like to go on a Summer motorcycle trip. We take the whole Summer and just drive our Harleys to new states. Our goal is to hit every state and take a picture in front of the welcome sign. Betty and I love it. The scenery is always different, sometimes the roads are great and we experience a new culture of people. The only downside is certain states in the Summer are excruciatingly hot. The heat gets to be so bad that Betty and I will douse ourselves in ice water, get on the Harleys and within five minutes be dry again. Days like those we like forward to the hotels. The hotel accommodations are like a shell game. Sometimes you have a great hotel room, sometimes not so much. I really don’t care how clean it is. I don’t need a lot of towels, soaps and pillows. I just want air conditioning. We ride all day in the sun, I just want some quality AC. I basically check into the room, make a beeline right to the HVAC device and crank on the cooling. Betty and I then laze around in the room with the A/C blasting until we go to our next destination. The worst is when a hotel does not have an air conditioner or if there AC unit is small. That always ruins the night for the two of us. I am not a whiner by nature, but if there is no AC I will demand a room that has it. I don’t care how much they charge me.