What to do for cooling upstairs

I’ve lived in the few different places in this part of the midwest, and the houses have all been quite not the same as one another. However, until at this moment, I’ve never had a house with an attic before. I didn’t realize that the top floor of your home gets so incredibly hot right up until I discovered it myself a few days ago, as I tried to organize the closet inside our spare bedroom. You see, that closet offers an access point to the house’s attic space. I was arranging boxes and trying to pack similar objects into the spare bedroom closet when i realized I was overheating to an extreme degree. Poking around, I realized that the closet was no less than ten degrees hotter than the bedroom, and it was making this room a lot hotter than the rest of the house. I went to check into the thermostat settings, but the whole thing was appropriate; there was nothing I could do to remedy the hot air in this corner on the house except to set up several box fans for extra ventilation while I worked within the heat. Since then, I’ve noticed that every day that room feels exuberantly hot compared to the rest of the house. The attic gets so warm which it passes the heat directly with the spare bedroom, and the temperature remains elevated through the day. The only option as much as I can tell is to seal off the access point to the attic and hope that the hot air stays trapped in place there!

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